Cultural Competency – Part 1


Course Curriculum

  • CC-1. Introduction, Culture, Personal Identity Video
    24 minutes
  • CC-1. Personal Identity Activity – Circles of My Multicultural Self Activity
    30 minutes
  • CC-2. Social Identity Video
    8 minutes
  • CC-2.Social Identity Activity
    30 minutes
  • CC-3. Culturally Responsive Teaching and Implicit Bias Video
    13 minutes
  • CC-3. Implicit Bias Activity
    30 minutes
  • CC-4. Mental Model and Narrative vs. Counter Narrative Video
    30 minutes
  • CC-4. Narrative vs. Counter Narrative Activity
    30 minutes
  • CC- 5. Microaggressions Video
    1 minutes
  • CC-5. Microaggressions Activity
    30 minutes
  • CC- 6. Case Studies Video
    120 minutes
  • CC-6. Case Studies Activity
    30 minutes
  • You are done!
    5 minutes

Course Description

“Cultural Competency Training” means a training program that promotes self-reflection and discussion including but not limited to all of the following topics: racial, cultural, and socioeconomic groups; American Indian and Alaskan native students; religion; systemic racism; gender identity, including transgender students; sexual orientation; language diversity; and individuals with disabilities and mental health concerns. Training programs must be designed to deepen teachers’ understanding of their own frames of reference, the potential bias in these frames, and their impact on expectations for and relationships with students, students’ families, and the school communities, consistent with part 8710.2000, subpart 4, and Minnesota Statutes, section 120B.30, subdivision 1, paragraph (q).

This training will only provide the content portion of the above rule. Individuals will be responsible for the self-reflection and discussion portion on their own.  The completion of this video recording alone will not suffice as meeting the above requirement for relicensure. LCSC/PD4Me will issue a certificate for the content portion and you will need to work with your district to receive a certificate for the discussion.