*CLOSED* Cultural Competency


Course Curriculum

  • Cultural Competency Lesson
    30 minutes
  • Cultural Competency Resources
    5 minutes
  • Cultural Competency – Wrap Up Questions
    2 questions
  • You are done!
    5 minutes

Course Description

Cultural Competency for Educators

Learning Targets for this course:

  1. Build a framework to organize your conceptual understanding of cultural competency
  2. Briefly introduce you to some initial, yet critical, pieces of information for each section of this framework
  3. Offer additional resources for you to learn more about each section of the framework
  4. Inspire you to want to do just that


This course may not fulfill all of the requirements for the “Cultural Competency” requirement for teacher relicensure as written in statute. Please see your local continuing education for clarification on the requirements for renewal.