Title IX: Sexual Harassment Training


Course Curriculum

  • Title IX – Video Training Part 1
    50 minutes
  • Title IX – Video Training Part 2
    60 minutes
  • Title IX – Handouts
    15 minutes
  • You are done!
    5 minutes

Course Description

Part One gives an overview of Title IX:

  • Protect every student’s right to educational opportunities free from sex discrimination
  • Previously never formally addressed sexual harassment or assault
  • New requirements:
    • What constitutes sexual harassment
    • What triggers a school’s legal obligation to respond
    • How a school must respond

Part Two of this course covers the four positions and their duties:

  • Coordinators
  • Investigators
  • Decision Makers
  • Appeal Decision Maker

This presentation is meant to give you some basic information, and nothing in this presentation is intended to be relied upon as legal advice.  If you have any questions, please contact your attorney or Pemberton Law.